Markers to CueList - Reaper DMX Remote

With Markers to CueList you can control Reaper by DMX. 

The Fixture Type gives you the following options:

  • Control Playback (Start, Pause, Stop, Forward, Rewind)
  • Set the Volume
  • Jump to a Time
  • Select a Marker by it’s ID Number
  • Jump to Next / Previous Marker
  • Add a Marker

To use the remote feature, follow the instruction guide at the end of this document.

Fixture Type:

Channel 1 (8Bit)
Cursor Position Hours
Channel 2 (8 Bit)
Cursor Position Minutes
Channel 3 (8 Bit)
Cursor Position Seconds
Channel 4 (8 Bit)
Cursor Position Frames
Channel 5 (8 Bit)
Timeline Format (FPS)
Channel 6 (8 Bit)
Play Mode
Channel 7 (8 Bit)
Channel 8 (16 Bit Hi)
Jump to Marker by ID
Channel 9 (16 Bit Lo)
Jump to Marker by ID
Channel 10 (8 Bit)
Add Marker on Cursor Position
Channel 11 (8 Bit)
Playback Speed
Sets the playback cursor to a position in the timeline, addressed by Hours, Minutes, Seconds and Frames. Changes will only made once. So, during a DMX Refresh the Cursor will not be moved again to this position. To jump to this position again, you need to flash the play mode channel to “Jump to Position”.
Setup the Frames per Seconds. Needs to be set for correct FPS calculation

DMX 000: Idle / No Change
DMX 025: 25 fps

Controls the Play Mode in Reaper. Parameters in DMX Values (0 - 255):

DMX 000: Idle / No Change
DMX 011: Stop
DMX 012: Play
DMX 013: Pause
DMX 021: Scrub Forward Slow
DMX 022: Scrub Forward Medium
DMX 023: Scrub Forward Fast
DMX 031: Scrub Reverse Slow
DMX 032: Scrub Reverse Medium
DMX 033: Scrub Reverse Fast
DMX 041: Jump to Position
DMX 042: Jump to next Marker
DMX 043: Jump to previous Marker

Due to a bug in Reaper scrubbing will not work properly. It is only triggered once. For continuously scrubbing, create a chase effect, which toggles between slow and fast value.
Controls the Master Volume in Reaper. Range is from -99dB (DMX 0) to +12dB (DMX 255).
Default Value of 0dB is DMX: 183
Jump to a Marker by it’s ID Number.
Channel 7 is the High Byte
Channel 8 is the Low Byte

DMX 000: Idle / No Change
DMX 001 - 65.535: adresses a Marker by it's ID Number

Flashing this Channel above DMX 128 will add a Marker at the current cursor position.
Controls the Playback Speed in Reaper. Range is from 0.25 (DMX 0) to x4 (DMX 255)
Default Value is DMX: 21

Enable DMX Remote:

  • In Markers to Cue List click on Reaper Remote -> Open Reaper sACN Remote
  • Enable the DMX Input and setup universe and channel. 
  • Fixture and universe values can be displayed by clicking either on "Fixture Values" oder "Universe Values"



Install Reaper Remote Configuration:

In Markers to Cue List click on Tools -> Install Reaper Remote Configuration


Preparations in Reaper:

  • Start Reaper and open the Preferences Window (CMD+,)
  • Navigate to Control Surfaces and click Add

Reaper Add OSC Surface 1

  • Choose OSC (Open Sound Control) for Control Surface Mode
  • Set Device Name to: Markers to CueList and select Markers to CueList from the Pattern Configuration Pop Up Window
  • Receive on port is 8000 (Default Value)
  • Send to port must be set to 9000 (Default Value) and Device IP to

Reaper Add OSC Surface 2

  • Click OK and close the preference Window
  • Finally, in Markers to Cue List click on Reaper -> Open Reaper ArtNet Control Window and setup the DMX Address. You are now able to remote Reaper by ArtNet.