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CITP Tool v2

This Application helps you to stream content either from your desktop, SAMSC Catalyst or even Syphon Sources into any visualizer that supports the CITP Media Server Extension Protocol, like e.g. MA Lighting GrandMA 3D or CAST WYSIWYG.

You can also transfer thumbnails from Catalyst Library into any Lighting Console that supports CITP Thumbnail Exchange. It makes no difference if you are using Flat 2D Mixes, Keystone- or Curved Screen Mixes or even the new 3D Modeling and Exact Map Mix Options. And of course it is possible to send multiple streams at once.

Video Streaming

Stream several video sources into a visualizer. It makes no difference if you are using Flat 2D Mixes, Keystone- or Curved Screen Mixes in Catalyst, a Syphon supporting App or any area which is shown on your desktop as video source. CITP Tool supports streaming from several computers into the same visualizer*.

CITP Video Streaming is tested on MA Lighting GrandMA2 Series, CAST WYSIWYG and Capture Polar

*For streaming CITP Video content from different computers an instance of CITP Tool needs to run on each computer.

CITP-Tool-v2 GUI CITP-Tool-v2 GUI

Thumbnail Exchange

Get an better overview of your SAMSC Catalyst library items, by transferring  filenames and thumbnails into a lighting console.

CITP Thumbnail Exchange is tested on MA Lighting GrandMA2 Series, Chamsys MagicQ and Avolights Desks

CITP Tool v2
CITP Tool v2

You can use this Download as a Demo Version and turn it into a fully working Application after purchasing CITP Tool. In Demo mode CITP Video Streams will have an overlay and only the first Catalyst Folder will be transferred during a thumbnail exchange.

Minimum Requirements: Apple MacOS (OSX) 10.9

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