Markers to CueList - Macro Syntax

Markers could be extended by parameters to do some remote action in the console. Syntax is: "cue Name" + pipe character (|) + macro command. Multiple macro commands could be combined by separating them with a pipe character. For example, a marker labeled:

Video Start|f=3.2|mib=latest|mode=release|info=This is a 30 Seconds Video

will create a cue named "Video Start", which has a fade in time of 3.2 seconds, uses move in black mode latest, release all fixtures which are not used after this cue and finally set the text in the info field to "This is a 30 Seconds Video".


Number Format needs to be x.y (e.g. 1.5 for one and a half second. Separating digits by comma doesn't work due to the CSV File format in Reaper!)

Supported Commands:

Simple Follow Cue
e.g. Snare Hit|++ Creates a Follow Cue with 0 Seconds Trigger Time
Delayed Follow
cueName|++d=(float Value)
e.g. Snare Hit|++d=0.3 Creates a Follow Cue with 0.3 Seconds Trigger Time
Follow Cue with Fade
cueName|++f=(float Value)
e.g. Snare Hit|++f=1.5 Creates a Follow Cue with a 1.5 Second Fade Time
Cue Fade In Time
cueName|f=(float Value)
e.g. Start|f=1.5 for a 1.5 second fade
cueName|fi=(float Value)
e.g. Start|fi=1.5 for a 1.5 second fade
Cue Fade Out Time
cueName|fo=(float Value)
e.g. Start|fo=1.5 for a 1.5 second out fade
Cue Delay Time
cueName|d=(float Value)
e.g. Start|d=1.5 for a 1.5 second delay
cueName|di=(float Value)
e.g. Start|di=1.5 for a 1.5 second delay
Cue Out Delay Time
cueName|do=(float Value)
e.g. Start|do=1.5 for a 1.5 second out delay
Move in Black None
sets Move in Black to None
(Default mode, when mib is not specified)
Move in Black Early
sets Move in Black to Early
Move in Black Latest
sets Move in Black to Latest
Cue Mode Normal
sets mode to Normal
(Default mode, when not specified)
Cue Mode Assert
sets mode to Assert
Cue Mode X-Assert
sets mode to X-Assert
Cue Mode Release
sets mode to Release
Cue Mode Break
sets mode to Break
Cue Mode X-Break
sets mode to X-Break
Set a Cue Info
e.g. Start|info=hello world will add the text hello word to the cue info
Command in a Cue
e.g. Start|cmd=fader 5 at 100 fade 2
to bring up fader 2 to 100% in 2 seconds
Command Delay
cueName|cmdd=(float Value)
e.g. Start|cmdd=1.5
for a 1.5 second command delay
cueName|cmddelay=(float Value)
e.g. Start|cmddelay=1.5
for a 1.5 second command delay