Frequently Asked Questions


In some circumstances it might be, that you will get a message displayed, that the downloaded application is either damaged or from an unidentified developer. To fix this, you need to open once the application by right-clicking onto the app icon and choose open. Now, the application is excluded from Gate Keeper, which by default only allows applications downloaded by the Apple App Store. Please follow this link for more information about Apple Gate Keeper: Apple Support
As soon as the order is processed, you will receive an invoice by email. Please follow the product download link in this mail to get the latest application version and also log in to your account and navigate to "License Token" by using the navigation bar on the left hand side. You will need this Token for identifying your purchases in the application.
To activate the application select "Activate Application" from the applications help menu. When starting the app for the first time, you also need to validate your license by clicking "Validate License" first.
You can remove a license from a computer by selecting "Deactivate License" in the applications help menu. A new window will pop up and let you choose the device which should be deactivated. With this window you can also remotely remove licenses from other devices.
A purchased product license can be used for up to 3 devices simultaneously and can be extended by purchasing another licenses for this application.
If you need more than six devices licensed simultaneously, please contact us for more information.
In this case OS X does not have the permission to replace the application with the updated file, downloaded by the autoupdater. Please re-download the file from this website and replace the old version.
The reason for this might be, that you are using a copy of an application, which was shared over network and has the wrong user rights.

Markers to CueList


By default the timeline in Reaper is set to bars and measures. To get proper SMPTE timecode values, please change the timeline format to hh:mm:ss:ff by right clicking onto the timeline header in Reaper.
Please make sure, that you don't use semicolons (;) or commas (,) in your marker names.
Reaper exports marker lists in a CSV File format, which uses commas to separate columns.
This is quite simple: Just do a right-click into the marker window in Reaper and choose "Export Marker List".
Please make sure, that you only export Markers in Reaper. There is a tiny checkbox in the top right corner of Reaper's Marker Window, where Regions can be disabled.